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Go Green with UNITEX!

2022-11-04 11:33


The Green Factory Establishment Activity is a national selection activity organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is an authoritative certification for enterprises that meet the "green development", aiming to improve China's green manufacturing system, comprehensively implement green manufacturing, and help the industrial field achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.


Unitex - acquired

The title of 2021 National Green Factory



What kind of company is it?


Innovative technology. National green factory

UNITEX was officially put into production in 2016, with technology and R&D innovation digitalization as the starting point, providing flexible production mode and comprehensively building a digital supply chain ecology.

Realize data and R&D to drive green intelligent factories in the textile industry


UNITEX Technology strives to build seven centers including: innovation center, market, research and development, sales, planning, production, QA, through data-based and intelligent ideas, fully empower vertical knitted chemical fiber fabric manufacturers, the seven centers each perform their own duties, link symbiosis, can achieve a complete flexible supply chain from yarn to fabric.


Under the guarantee of the seven centers, UNITEX not only has the ability to respond quickly to customer needs, but also strives to improve the guarantee of product quality, at present, the company has reached in-depth cooperation with VS, AEO, Gymshark, Cavin Klein, Descente, Adidas, Maia, VFU, Shein and other well-known brands at home and abroad, emerging e-commerce brands, cross-border e-commerce platforms, and actively build a flexible supply chain green ecology.


Carbon neutral


In September 2020, the Chinese government proposed to strive to peak CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, which made "carbon neutrality" a hot word in China, stimulating the challenges and opportunities that all walks of life may bring, and sparking heated discussions. In fact, carbon neutrality is not a new word, it comes from the familiar keyword "carbon footprint". In the 90s, environmental scientists William E. Rees and Mathis Wackernagel proposed this concept, which calculates carbon dioxide emissions from human activities in tons.

While the textile industry is still heavily dependent on oil, a fundamental concern for decarbonizing the industry, Textile Exchange, an organization of more than 640 members, declared at COP26 that global fiber production has almost doubled in the past 20 years and is expected to increase by another 34% by 2030. It can be seen that the all-round low-carbon adjustment of the supply chain of the textile industry is imminent. Even during the pandemic-induced business downturn, there has been a worrying increase in carbon emissions in the supply chains of many fast fashion and sports brands.

As a new green textile enterprise, in the face of the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry under the background of dual carbon, we Unitex will continue to find innovative production methods and carbon offset projects, and actively implement the low-carbon mission for the earth, human beings and our customers.



We've been doing it

The Fashion Industry Climate Action Charter, updated in November 2021, commits to 100% of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030 and phasing out coal from the supply chain. The signatories include 130 companies and 41 supporting organizations, in addition to fashion companies joining the "RE100" convened by The Climate Group in partnership with the non-profit organization CDP, which aims to promote the use of 100% renewable energy electricity by the world's most influential companies, find more strategic solutions to the source problems of energy conservation and emission reduction, and make the use of green energy a necessary condition for the sustainable development of fashion enterprises.

Unitex-The face of the green factory


In order to better serve the world's well-known brand customers

Actively fulfill the mission of green suppliers

We UNITEX set it up

A three-step renewable energy strategy:

① / Increase the use of renewable energy technologies such as solar photovoltaics and wind power to maximize green power generation capacity;

② / Increase the proportion of environmentally friendly production equipment and minimize energy consumption;

③ / Increase the use of environment-friendly raw materials and maximize the supply of green and environmentally friendly products.

We strongly believe in the necessity of these strategies,