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Yubang Technology 2022 year-end summary conference and excellent employee commendation conference

2023-01-30 09:37

On January 12, 2023, Fujian Yubang Textile Technology Co., Ltd. "2022 Annual Work Summary Conference" was grandly held in Yubang College. Mr. Wu Xiaohang, chairman of the board, and Mr. Wang Minghui, president attended the meeting and delivered important speeches, summarizing the work achievements and shortcomings in 2022 and deploying the key strategic work and tasks in 2023.

At the meeting, the heads of various departments of Yubang accurately summarized the 22-year work around the responsibilities of their departments and the work goals determined at the beginning of the year, carefully found the shortcomings in the work, conducted an in-depth analysis of the reasons for the unfinished work, and put forward the work ideas for 2023.

Mr. Wang Minghui, President of Yubang, first summarized the internal work situation of Yubang in detail: on the whole, all departments have completed various tasks with high quality with rigorous and serious working attitude and practical and effective working methods, and basically achieved the work goals set at the beginning of 22 years. The work will be more heavy, but we firmly believe that although the road is far away, although it is difficult to do, it will be done, standing at a new starting point, all employees should have a heavy responsibility and a long way, and forge ahead in their respective positions. Strive for the company's high-quality and high-efficiency development, strive to achieve the company's annual business goals, and achieve new achievements, new breakthroughs and new highlights!

He fully affirmed the work achievements of various departments in 2022, and pointed out the problems and shortcomings in the work. He asked all departments to earnestly perform their duties and responsibilities, adjust their work ideas in a timely manner based on problems and work goals, pay attention to details, implement measures, and make every effort to promote the smooth completion of annual goals and tasks. He emphasized that in order to achieve the development goals of Yubang's first three-year plan, we insisted on increasing the scale of production and investment layout according to the specific plan.

The new year is also the beginning of the second three-year plan of Yubang, and competition and development coexist. We will be guided by the enterprise spirit of "innovation, creation and efficiency", adhere to the corporate values of "loyalty and courage, scientific rigor, solid foundation, win-win cooperation, not afraid of difficulties, courage to innovate, not afraid of responsibility, and take the initiative", make unremitting efforts to achieve the corporate mission of "intelligent green new life", and strive to achieve "committed to becoming the world's leading fabric service provider" Enterprise vision, to provide our customers with better quality products and more efficient service!

The 2022 year-end summary meeting ended successfully, showing the positive, united and enterprising spirit of Yubang employees. Looking back on 2022, we work together, work hard and harvest together; Looking forward to 2023, we have the same goal and full of confidence, let everyone unite and strive together to achieve the centennial goal of Yubang, and jointly look forward to the future of Yubang will be more brilliant.