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2022-12-19 17:03

Unitex won the ISPO Textrend Top Ten

Fall/ Winter 24/25

On November 28-30, 2022, Unibond participated in ISPO Munich Germany Exhibition.

3 fabrics were featured in ISPO Textrend Top Ten and Selection.

【There's a cowboy craze】

The exterior is a classic denim denim color

The inside has a delicate fluff effect

CDP cationic dyeable polyester is selected

Make the colors more refined and classic

Bottom fluff process

Cold season in autumn and winter

Do not allow cold air to enter the body easily

Give you warm companionship


The top layer of the fabric is made of fluorine-free water-repellent yarn

A water-repellent layer is formed on the surface

It is like the principle of lotus leaf water repellency

Protects you from beverage "sneak attacks"

Air layer texture structure

Effective heat preservation, comfortable and breathable

Structured and styled, comfortable to wear

Whether at home or out on the street

Still at the forefront of fashion

【Put on bio-based】

Jin Jiang bio-based nylon is selected

With Hyosung Eco-friendly low-temperature easy dyeing spandex

Double-sided brushing process, soft and skin-friendly

Good skin feel and excellent elasticity

Flexibly stretch the limb

Take a big stretch, don't run out of position, don't deform

Conforms to the curves of the body

Easily relieve tired moments in life